Selected Works

Hard copies of selected scores are published by the Australian Music Centre. Please get in touch for performance materials and media not available here.

Crying wolf (2019) for amplified vocalist, large ensemble, and electronics [score]
for Ensemble Dal Niente

one to one (2018-19) for vocalizing violinist and audient [score]
performance-installation for Marco Fusi

fade (2018) for amplified vocalists, sound engineer, and dynamic noise floor
for Ekmeles

whispering in one another's ears (2017-18) music theatre for six performers, objects, lighting, and four-channel electronics 
for mocrep

many translations (2017) for amplified percussion trio [score]
for line upon line percussion

we've never been so close (2016-17) for solo voice and electronics [score]
for Joshua Hyde

apart and alike (2017) for two unequal groups, and a moderator [score]
for James Weeks and the CoMA workshop

alike and apart (2016) for two performers [score]
for Weston Olencki and Matt Barbier (RAGE)

scan (2016-17) for amplified string quartet (or octet) [score]
for the Spektral and JACK quartets

emulator (2015-16) for sensor augmented cymbal and electronics
A study

one and another (2015) for two voices (and electronics) [score]
for the Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

collector (2014-15) for solo piano [score]
for Zubin Kanga

category (2013-14) for solo tuba [score]
for Max Murray

binary (2013-17) for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, viola and cello
for Distractfold

back and forth (2013) for amplified toy piano and bass guitar
for Federico Costanza and Lucia D'Errico 

no one both (2013) for violin, viola and cello [score]
for Ensemble SurPlus at the 2013 Schloss Solitude Summer Academy 

few (2013) for solo voice [score]
A miniature 

between (2012-13) for flute and violin [score]

close (2012) for shakuhachi, voice and a bowed string [score
for the Atlas Ensemble 
Version for clarinet, voice and a bowed string [score]

trace (2012) for descant recorder with piano, both amplified [score]
for Hannah Coleman, recorder and Anne Veinberg, piano (Duo H|A) 

string (2012) for one to four players [score]
A miniature for the London Sinfonietta

hush (2011-12) for harp and cello [score]
For Martino Panizza and Alice Purton

See my CV for a more extensive list of pieces and performances